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Michael Bolton - When A Man Loves A Woman (2017 version)

Η διασκευή του Michael Bolton στο τραγούδι "When A Man Loves A Woman" από το album "Songs of Cinema"
Artist: Michael Bolton
Audio: "When A Man Loves A Woman"
Album: "Songs of Cinema"
Type: Full length
Genres: Pop, Rock
Total length: 32:41
Tracks: 10
Release date: February 10th, 2017
Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. When a Man Loves a Woman (2017 Version) 3:56
02. Stand by Me 2:57
03. I've Got a Woman 3:21
04. I Will Always Love You (feat. Dolly Parton) 3:36
05. Old Time Rock & Roll 3:07
06. Heard It Through the Grapevine 4:06
07. Cupid 3:10
08. Somewhere over the Rainbow 3:28
09. As Time Goes By 3:17
10. Jack Sparrow (Ballad) 1:43

Janiz - Walk Away (video)

Janiz: Γερμανικό alternative rock συγκρότημα με γυναικεία φωνητικά. Το όνομα προέκυψε από τον θαυμασμό της μπάντας στην Janis Joplin. Το συγκρότημα δημιουργήθηκε, ως Janiz Lee, το 2011. Ένα χρόνο αργότερα κυκλοφόρησε το ep "Ready to go" και τον Απρίλιο του 2013 το full length ντεμπούτο τους "The New Black". Αλλαγή ονόματος (σε... σκέτο Janiz) κι έτοιμοι για... νέο ντεμπούτο! Τιτλοφορείται "Scars and a Lion" κι αναμένεται στα τελειώματα του μήνα...

Το βίντεο των Janiz για το τραγούδι "Walk Away" από τον δίσκο "Scars and a Lion"
Band: Janiz
Country of origin: Germany
Formed in: 2011 (as Janiz Lee)
Genre: Alternative rock

Video: "Walk Away"
Album: "Scars and a Lion"
Type: Full length
Release date: January 27th, 2017
Total length: 50:17
Label: 7Music

Track listing:
01. Ground Zero
02. Free at Last
03. White Flag
04. Through Glass
05. Touch the Sky
06. Falling
07. Event Horizon
08. High
09. Walk Away
10. Behind Closed Doors
11. One
12. Letterbomb
13. No Breaks
14. Grayscale
15. Scars

"Walk Away" it's the 4th single out of the record "Scars and a Lion" to be released on January 27th. The video is completely made out of bootleg footage by fans with smartphones and video cameras.

Τετάρτη, 18 Ιανουαρίου 2017

Marillion - Marbles In The Park (trailer)

Το trailer της live κυκλοφορίας των Marillion "Marbles In The Park"
Band: Marillion
Country of origin: England
Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Years active: 1979-present

Video: Album trailer
Album: "Marbles In The Park"
Type: Live album
Release date: January 20th, 2017
Label: Earmusic (Edel)
Format: CD, DVD, Blu-ray

Track listing:
01. The invisible man ande, the netherlands, 2015)
02. Marbles i (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
03. Genie (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
04. Fantastic place (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
05. The only unforgivable thing (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
06. Marbles ii (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
07. Ocean cloud (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
08. Marbles iii (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
09. The damage (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
10. Don't hurt yourself (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
11. You're gone (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
12. Angelina (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
13. Drilling holes (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
14. Marbles iv (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
15. Neverland (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
16. Out of this world (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
17. King (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)
18. Sounds that can't be made (live in port zelande, the netherlands, 2015)

Δελτίο τύπου: «Since 2002 and in a 2-year cycle Marillion welcome their fans to a very special event: the 'Marillion' weekend. On three nights their fans dive even deeper into the ‘Marillion’ world by meeting the band face-to-face and enjoying three different shows with different setlists consisting of full records played from start to finish, fan favourites and rarities.

In March 2015 the "Marillion" weekend took place at Center Parcs, Port Zélande, The Netherlands. Thousands of fans from all across the world came together to be part of this incredible event. Marillion devoted their Saturday evening show to their brilliant album "Marbles" and performed all songs and a fine selection of encore tracks.

For the first time ever this impressive live show containing stunning projections and laser effects as well as the superb high definition sound will be available on 2CD, DVD and Blu-ray - "Marbles In The Park" will be released January 20th, 2017.

Marillion’s music always aims at the greatest possible effect, with a huge sound expenditure they evoke fervor and passion. To hear "Marbles" in this live garment is a listening experience par excellence!

With their most recent studio album "F***Everyone And Run (F E A R)", released in September 2016, Marillion entered the official UK album charts at No. 4 - the band's highest position since Steve Hogarth joined in 1989. Their success is not only limited to the UK; across Europe Marillion achieved the band's highest chart positions since more than 20 years!»

Rock portraits & figures

Πορτραίτα rock stars ζωγραφισμένα από την Noelia
Μία κοπέλα από την Ισπανία, η Noelia, αρέσκεται στο να ζωγραφίζει. Κι ιδιαίτερα στο να ζωγραφίζει πορτραίτα (portraits & figures) των αγαπημένων της rock stars και συγκροτημάτων. Απολαύστε την δουλειά της...

Rock portraits & figures
Ritchie Blackmore
Rock portraits & figures
Bon Jovi: Richie Sambora, Tico Torres, Jon Bon Jovi and David Bryan (1995)
Rock portraits & figures
Def Leppard
Rock portraits & figures
Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart)
Rock portraits & figures
Jon Bon Jovi
Rock portraits & figures
Joe Elliott
Rock portraits & figures
Richie Sambora
Rock portraits & figures
David Coverdale
Rock portraits & figures
David Coverdale
Rock portraits & figures
Don Dokken
Rock portraits & figures
Joey Tempest
Rock portraits & figures
Tom Keifer
Rock portraits & figures
Rick Savage
Rock portraits & figures
John Norum
Τρίτη, 17 Ιανουαρίου 2017

Graham Bonnet Band - Rider (video)

Δεύτερος δίσκος των Graham Bonnet Band βρίσκεται ήδη εκεί έξω. Ο διάδοχος του "My Kingdom Come" (2015) τιτλοφορείται "The Book" και κυκλοφόρησε τον περασμένο Νοέμβριο. Για τον Graham Bonnet δεν νομίζω ότι χρειάζονται ιδιαίτερες συστάσεις (βλ. Rainbow - "Down To Earth", MSG - "Assault Attack", Alcatrazz - "No Parole For Rock 'n' Roll" και "Disturbing The Peace", Impellitteri - "Stand In Line"), ενώ στα τύμπανα βρίσκεται ο drummer των Warlord (και πρώην των Fates Warning) Mark Zonder...

Το video των Graham Bonnet Band για το κομμάτι "Rider" από το album "The Book"
Band: Graham Bonnet Band
Audio: "Dead Man Walking"
Album: "The Book"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 4th, 2016
Label: Frontiers Music Srl
Format: 2CD

Track listing - CD1 (new songs):
01. Into The Night
02. Welcome To My Home
03. Earth's Child (I Am Your Son)
04. Rider
05. Dead Man Walking
06. Strangest Day
07. The Dance
08. Where Were You?
09. The Book
10. Everybody Wants To Go There
11. California Air

Track listing - CD2 (Re-recorded classics):
01. Eyes Of The World
02. All Night Long
03. Lost In Hollywood
04. Since You Been Gone
05. Night Games
06. S.O.S.
07. Assault Attack
08. Dancer
09. Desert Song
10. Island In The Sun
11. Hiroshima Mon Amour
12. God Blessed Video
13. Will You Be Home Tonight
14. Witchwood
15. Stand In Line
16. Here Comes The Night (Down Without A Fight)

Band members:
Graham Bonnet - lead vocals
Conrado Pesinato - guitar
Jimmy Waldo - keyboards
Beth-Ami Heavenstone - bass
Mark Zonder - drums
Angelo Vafeiadis - keyboards on CD2 (bonus disc)

Pride Of Lions - The Light In Your Eyes (audio)

Οι Pride Of Lions, το συγκρότημα του Jim Peterik (βλ. Survivor) επιστρέφουν δισκογραφικά μετά από πέντε χρόνια. Ο διάδοχος του album "Immortal" (του 2012) τιτλοφορείται "Fearless" κι αναμένεται στα τέλη του τρέχοντος μήνα. Το "The Light In Your Eyes" είναι το τρίτο τραγούδι που παρουσιάζουμε μέσα από το "Fearless"...

Το τραγούδι "The Light In Your Eyes" από το νέο album των Pride Of Lions "Fearless"
Band: Pride Of Lions
Country of origin: United States
Audio: "The Light In Your Eyes"
Album: "Fearless"
Type: Full length
Genres: Rock, AOR, Hard rock
Tracks: 12
Total length: 53:20
Release date: January 27th, 2017
Label: Frontiers Records s.r.l.
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. All I See Is You! 3:58
02. The Tell 4:42
03. In Caricature 3:57
04. Silent Music 4:16
05. Fearless 4:42
06. Everlasting Love 4:12
07. Freedom of the Night 5:07
08. The Light in Your Eyes 4:32
09. Rising Up 3:37
10. The Silence Says It All 4:24
11. Faster Than a Prayer 4:50
12. Unmasking the Mystery 5:04

Band members:
Ed Breckenfeld - Drums
Klem Hayes - Bass
Jim Peterik - Vocals, Guitar
Toby Hitchcock - Vocals
Mike Aquino - Guitar
Christian Cullen - Keyboard

Δευτέρα, 16 Ιανουαρίου 2017

Ritchie Blackmore greatest riffs - TOP50 (Deep Purple Era)

Τα 50 κορυφαία riffs του Ritchie Blackmore σε ένα βίντεο
Το διεθνές fan club του Ritchie Blackmore απεφάνθη, μετά από διαδικτυακή ψηφοφορία, ποια είναι τα 50 κορυφαία κιθαριστικά riffs του "man in black" τα χρόνια της θητείας του στους Deep Purple. Ακούστε στο κάτωθι βίντεο τι ψήφισαν τα μέλη του Ritchie Blackmore International Fan Club...

Jack Russell's Great White - Blame It On The Night (audio)

Το τραγούδι "Blame It On The Night" από το album των Jack Russell's Great White "He Saw It Comin'"
Band: Jack Russell's Great White
Audio: "Blame It On The Night"
Album: "He Saw It Comin'"
Type: Full length
Release date: January 27th, 2017
Label: Frontiers Records
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Sign of the Times 3:37
02. She Moves Me 3:34
03. Crazy 3:40
04. Love Don't Live Here 3:38
05. My Addiction 4:13
06. Anything for You 3:42
07. He Saw It Comin' 4:28
08. Don't Let Me Go 3:07
09. Spy vs Spy 3:44
10. Blame It on the Night 3:44
11. Godspeed 2:58

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