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Studio album by Ted Nugent
Released: September 1975
Recorded: The Sound Pit, Atlanta, Georgia
Length: 38:33
Label: Epic
Producer: Tom Werman, Lew Futterman

Track listing
1. Stranglehold 8:22 (0:00-8:24)
2. Stormtroopin' 3:07 (8:24-11:33)
3. Hey Baby 4:00 (11:33-15:35)
4. Just What The Doctor Ordered 3:43 (15:35-19:21)
5. Snakeskin Cowboys 4:38 (19:21-23:55)
6. Motor City Madhouse 4:30 (23:55-28:28)
7. Where Have You Been All My Life 4:04 (28:28-32:33)
8. You Make Me Feel Right At Home 2:54 (32:33-35:29)
9. Queen Of The Forest 3:34 (35:29-39:15)

1999 CD reissue bonus tracks
"Stormtroopin'" (Live) – 6:36
"Just What the Doctor Ordered" (Live) – 4:52
"Motor City Madhouse" (Live) – 8:38
"Magic Party" (Studio outtake) – 2:55

* All songs written and arranged by Ted Nugent, except "Hey Baby", written and arranged by Derek St. Holmes.

** Στις παρενθέσεις οι χρόνοι των τραγουδιών (από που αρχίζουν και που τελειώνουν δηλαδή) στο video...

Band members
Derek St. Holmes - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, arrangements
Ted Nugent - lead and rhythm guitar, vocals, bass guitar, percussion, arrangements, lead vocals on track 6
Rob Grange - bass guitar
Cliff Davies - drums, vibraphone, backing vocals, lead vocals on track 8

Additional musicians
Steve McRay - keyboards
Brian Staffeld - percussion
Tom Werman - percussion, producer

Lew Futterman - producer
Anthony Reale - engineer, mixing
Howard Fritzson - art direction
Al Clayton - photography
Gerard Huerta - lettering
Bruce Dickinson (not to be confused with the lead singer of Iron Maiden) - producer (1999 reissue)
Vic Anesini - remastering
Stephan Moore - 1999 reissue project director
Gary Graff - 1999 reissue liner notes

Ted Nugent - Informations
Birth name: Theodore Anthony Nugent
Also known as: The Nuge, Motor City Madman, Uncle Ted
Born: December 13, 1948, Redford, Michigan, U.S.
Genres: Rock, hard rock
Occupations: Musician
Instruments: Guitar, vocals, bass guitar
Years active: 1958 - present
Associated acts: The Amboy Dukes, Hear 'n Aid, Damn Yankees, Damnocracy
Website: www.tednugent.com
Notable instruments: Gibson Byrdland

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