Urfaust - Voodoo Dust ("The Devil's Blood" cover)

Παρασκευή, 3 Ιουνίου 2016

Urfaust - Voodoo Dust ("The Devil's Blood" cover)
Artist / Band: Urfaust
Video: "Voodoo Dust"

Taken from the 12 " vinyl single "Voodoo Dust" to be released early July (in two limited editions) via Ván Records. On side b you will find an ambient soundscape with Farida Lemouchi on vocals.

Album: "Voodoo Dust"
Type: 12" single
Release date: July 2016
Label: Ván Records
Format: Vinyl

a. Voodoo Dust (The Devil's Blood Cover)
b. Kalabhairava (ambient soundscape with Farida Lemouchi on vocals)

This release was recorded, mixed and mastered between spiders, woodlice and mold by Urfaust & Deportator. "Voodoo Dust" was originally written, arranged and recorded by The Devil's Blood. Vocals on "Kalabhairava" by Farida Lemouchi recorded by Tom Auf Der Axe & Thomas Goat for Bad Magic Audio. Artwork by Patrick Zöller / Karmazid.

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