Darusso - Ocean

Σάββατο, 17 Οκτωβρίου 2015

Artist / Band: Darusso
Audio: "Ocean"
Director & operator: Sasha Stone
Music & Lyrics: Alex Belov & Gorky Park
Editing: Sasha & Ksenia Stone
Idea and storyboard: Anton Darusso & Sasha Stone
Designers of photography: Sasha Stone & Anton Darusso
Image designer: Ksenia Stone & Geannina Acuña Quiros
Make up artists: Ksenia Stone & Geannina Acuña Quiros
Recorded and produced by Anton Darusso & Marco Castro, AUDIOMACC Studios, SJ, CR

Album: "Medicine For The Soul"
Type: Full length
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Pop-Rock, Glam Rock
Release Date: September 2015
Sales Territory: Worldwide
Available as Audio-CD, Download Card, Digital Download & Stream

01. This Is Life
02. Get Out Of Here
03. It's Time For Love
04. Love Is Blind
05. Frozen Tears
06. Fast Rider
07. Ocean
08. Medicine For My Soul
09. Heaven
10. Free Falling
11. One More Lie
12. Nothing To Hide (Feat. Alex Grata)
13. Alive And Kickin'
14. I Live For Love

• Songs & lyrics written by Anton Darusso, except "I Live For Love", "Ocean", written by Alex Belov & Gorky Park
• "Nothing To Hide" featuring Alex Grata (Vocals, keyboards) & Dmitry Turin (Guitars)
• "Fast Rider" featuring Toledo Wolbrom Prescod (Rap vocals & lyrics)
• Arrangements: Marco Castro & Anton Darusso
• Produced by: Anton Darusso
• Co-produced by: Marco Castro
• Mixing & sound engineering: Marco Castro
• Recorded, mixed & mastered in AUDIOMACC Studios in San José, Costa Rica
• Concept, artwork, logo design, typography & layout: Götz Morgenschweis

Band members:
Anton Darusso (Vocals, guitars)
Marco Castro (Guitars, keyboards, bass, programming)
Alex Grata (Vocals on track 12, keyboards)
Dmitry Turin (Backing vocals on track 12, guitars)
Toledo Wolbrom Prescod (Rap vocals on track 6)

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